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Sanju Priya Nandimalla

Sanju Priya Nandimalla

Name :Sanju Priya Nandimalla

Grade:7th at McCord Middle School, Columbus, Ohio

Honors and Recognition:

  • Received Kumon excellence award for being a grade level ahead - 2009
  • Volunteers in Safety Patrol every morning for safety of kids who walk into school - 2013 to present
  • Gifted in Worthington City Schools for reading- 2011 to 2013
  • Was 6th place in Community First Lego League Robotics - 2013
  • Recognized by school teacher for the Mary Cassatt presentation - 2013
  • Qualified as Top 10 in Miss Teen Columbus Pageant from Ohio for Pre-Teen and got offer letter for national at TX - 2014 Leadership Activities
  • Bluffsview Archery Team got selected to shoot in NASP National Tournament - 2014/2015
  • My art got selected in the entire school and printed on the yearbook front cover page of Bluffsview Elementary school - 2012-2013 & 2015-2016 years
  • My art got selected in the entire 5th grade and printed on the yearbook back cover page of Bluffsview Elementary school - 2014-2015
  • Finalist in the NASP Archery National Tournament with the team in Louisville,Kentucky - 2015
  • I am assigned Kindergarten helper to work with students on several things like behaviour, manners & respect at Worthington schools - 2014 till present
  • Learned Kathak in classical dance - 2009-2012
  • Got opportunity to share with the community to perform traditional classical Kathak at FOLCLOR HISPANO organized by OSU - 2011
  • Learning carnatic music - 2010 to 2016 (present)
  • Many awards from Ratanpur Dance academy - 2009 to 2012
  • Learned Telugu Language and Hindu Dharma at Bharatiya Hindu temple - 2011 - 2014
  • Won 1st place in FIA (Federation of Indian Association) dance competition with Shami Srivastava-2010
  • Participated and won in a few Art competitions at local Vindya,TACO- 2013-2016
  • Won 1st prize at The Vindhya Association art competition - 2014
  • Won 1st place in the Worthington Fall Fun shoot archery tournament - 2014
  • Won 2nd place in archery league (Bluffsview Elementary) - 2014
  • Won 4th place in archery league (Bluffsview Elementary )- 2015
  • Won 1st place in FIA (Federal Indian Association) Dance competition - 2015
  • Won 2nd place in TACO (Telugu Association of Central Ohio) Art competition - 2016 (present)
  • Won the Grand champion prize with team at WYB (Worthington Youth Boosters) volleyball tournament - 2015
  • Is currently participating in WYB basketball - 2016 (present)
  • Participated in several volleyball sessions in Buckeye Volleyball Academy - 2014
  • Participated in NRIVA Super Singer competition and other cultural activities- 2015
  • Participated singing in many local TACO conventions- 2014 till present
  • 2 years in a row our team won in Volleyball Leagues in WYB (Worthington Youth Bosster – 2013-2015
  • Presented several Science Fair projects at worthington schools , Sai Baba Temple & CRC - 2012 to 2016
  • Participated in singing competitions in local Dhvani (India Performing Arts Society of Central Ohio) , TACO (Telugu Association of Central Ohio), TANA (Telugu Association of North America), and Vindhya Association - 2010-2016 (present)
  • Volunteered at North West Worthington Library in kids summer reading program - 2016
  • Winner of ATA singing competition - 2016

  • Volunteer Experience
  • My passion is to make it into the Varsity Volleyball team and be very successful in athletics. Apart from that, I would also like an academic goal like becoming a valedictorian and getting many college scholarships. I also wish to become a doctor apart from athletics. I wish to achieve all those goals and succeed in life.

  • I think the Community Recycling Campaign is a good idea because just by doing small fundraisers like this, we can get ourselves, and inspire other people to change the world. We can save the planet by doing this because if we didn’t recycle, we would have too much trash in our dump. But now since we recycle, people have been able to make new things out of old cans, bottles, and much more. Lately I have been seeing not only families, but communities, doing this by our side. But just to make our world a little bit better, I am willing to participate in this program. I hope more people choose to do this for our people.

  • CRC Global Services. Visit ADOPT-A-SCHOOL" page for more details.

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    0. 2015 CRC Ohio Invitational Science Fair on 02-21-2015 .

    1. Since 2008, CRC project collected more than 50,000lbs of eWaste (Computers, Monitors, Printers, Scanners, TVs, and thousand pounds of computer peripheral items) and safely redirected for proper recycling.

    2. Donated refurbished items to Nationwide Children's Hospital, Habitat for Humanity, and more than 1500 recycled bags of clothes to PlanetAid foundation. Shipped 235 boxes of Indian clothes to flood affected areas in AP, India with help of local organizations and in 2009.

    3. Total Adopted Schools since 2009: 50 > 2009 -13 Elementary/High schools, 2010- 8 High Schools, 2011- 6 High Schools, 2012-13- 13 High Schools, 2014- 13 High Schools..

    4. CRC fund-raised for other charities: (Central Ohio Hemophilia Foundation, UNICEF)

    5. Community Recycling Campaign project selected for the 2011 Volvo Adventure- The United Nations Environmental Programme Project Read more details (Select Country-United States, select project 6)

    6. Community Recycling Campaign project selected for the 2011 Prudential Spirit State Finalist Read more

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    10. Community Recycling Campaign project selected for the 2008 Davidson Young Scholar Ambassador Program- Read more

    11. TechColumbus Innovation Awards Semi-Finalist (2010, 2011) - for Green Innovation and Non-Profit Service Read more

    12. Story published in the Columbus Monthly Magazine -2012 Issue

    13. E-Waste: Dark Side of Digital Age >> These days, it's often cheaper and more convenient to buy a new PC than to upgrade an old one. But what happens to those old computers once they've been abandoned for newer models? The refuse from discarded electronics products, also known as e-waste, often ends up in landfills or incinerators instead of being recycled. And that means toxic substances like lead, cadmium and mercury that are commonly used in these products can contaminate the land, water and air.

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