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Harshini Somisetty

Harshini Somisetty

Name : Harshini Somisetty

Grade:6th at John Sells Middle School, Dublin, Ohio

Honors and Recognition:

  • Semi-finalist in the Global Innovation Award at the World Festival Competition for First Lego League Robotics – 2015
  • Identified as Gracious Professional in First Lego League Regional, State and World Competitions
  • Got recognized for the Dublin Community Champion’s Award - 2014
  • Was 4th place in Ohio and 18th place in nationwide for Math Kangaroo competition – 2014
  • Was 4th place in Ohio for Math Kangaroo competition - 2015
  • Talked to State Board of Education about Robotics and recognized with Governor’s certificate- 2015
  • Gifted in Dublin City Schools for mathematics and language arts - 2012- Present
  • Qualified for 8th Grade Math for 2015-2016 school year
  • Finalist in International community (NATA- North America Telugu Association) singing competition in Houston, Texas – 2012
  • Won 2nd prize in Vindhya Musical Band Competition - 2014
  • Finalist in International community (TANA- Telugu Association of North America) singing competition in Detroit, Michigan – 2015
  • Performed singing in local TACO (Telugu Association of Central Ohio)
  • Qualified as Top 15 in NAM(National American Miss Beauty Pageant) from Ohio for Pre-Junior Teen among 400 girls - 2014 Leadership Activities
  • Talked to the Mayor’s Wife about our school’s (Indian Run Elementary) garden and donating vegetables to Dublin Food Pantry – 2014
  • Talked to State Board of Education regarding Robotics - 2015
  • Talked to Key Communicators Dublin group regarding FLL Robotics - 2015
  • Led Robotics sessions in AEP for Take Child to Work day - 2014
  • Helped special need students in peer buddy at Dublin schools in 2012,2013 and 2014
  • Volunteered to clean up the Ohio Little Miami River and talked with former Ohio Governor Bob Taft - 2015
  • Working with Indian Run Elementary school to led a session for younger girls regarding STEM activities for school year 2015-2016

  • Community Recycling Campaign is an excellent program to do. I have always been strong on the words "Recycle and don't litter". Every time there is litter on the ground, it bugs me, especially if they are cigarette buds. The whole world should respect Mother Earth because, without her, we would not have a home. I have also always liked to help charities because I think they are no different than us, and it's just how much money they have. They too have the same feelings and heart as us, so this is a great chance. It is even a great link to this year's robotics project - "Trash Trek". It can be an outreach project for us. So I am very proud to be doing Community Recycling Campaign.

  • CRC Global Services. Visit ADOPT-A-SCHOOL" page for more details.

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    0. 2015 CRC Ohio Invitational Science Fair on 02-21-2015 .

    1. Since 2008, CRC project collected more than 50,000lbs of eWaste (Computers, Monitors, Printers, Scanners, TVs, and thousand pounds of computer peripheral items) and safely redirected for proper recycling.

    2. Donated refurbished items to Nationwide Children's Hospital, Habitat for Humanity, and more than 1500 recycled bags of clothes to PlanetAid foundation. Shipped 235 boxes of Indian clothes to flood affected areas in AP, India with help of local organizations and in 2009.

    3. Total Adopted Schools since 2009: 50 > 2009 -13 Elementary/High schools, 2010- 8 High Schools, 2011- 6 High Schools, 2012-13- 13 High Schools, 2014- 13 High Schools..

    4. CRC fund-raised for other charities: (Central Ohio Hemophilia Foundation, UNICEF)

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    11. TechColumbus Innovation Awards Semi-Finalist (2010, 2011) - for Green Innovation and Non-Profit Service Read more

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    13. E-Waste: Dark Side of Digital Age >> These days, it's often cheaper and more convenient to buy a new PC than to upgrade an old one. But what happens to those old computers once they've been abandoned for newer models? The refuse from discarded electronics products, also known as e-waste, often ends up in landfills or incinerators instead of being recycled. And that means toxic substances like lead, cadmium and mercury that are commonly used in these products can contaminate the land, water and air.

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